The UNI Project kiosk
New York, USA . 2016

The Uni Project is a nonprofit based in NYC that partners with community-based organizations and city agencies to bring learning experiences to public space. Uni creates and deploys custom-designed installations in parks, plazas, and other public spaces to offer reading, drawing, and hands-on experiences.

OFICINA designed the UNI Kiosk—the latest family member of custom-designed portable structures to encourage New Yorkers to learn. Kiosk is a tall object that can be seen from afar like a beacon. It travels to a new location every day so it is designed to be lightweight and portable while moving, and solid and heavy while standing. Kiosk was created to provide information and directions about the educational services and libraries in the neighborhood; the information is adapted each day according to the new location.

New directions are posted using detachable plywood panels that can be attached along two sides of the Kiosk. The panels are reused with new information the next day. The interior of Kiosk provides shelving space for flyers and also private storage compartments for Uni Project members and weight sandbags.