Bamboo Guesthouse for Instituto de la Naturaleza de Oaxaca (INSO)
Oaxaca, Mexico  .  2011/12
In collaboration with Be Root Studio and Casa Tierra


This small guesthouse is designed to host 1 to 2 guests at INSO permaculture center, an ecological center focused on sustainable ways of living. The program consists of one bedroom with one dry-toilet and a shower. The design features a generous terrace with overwhelming views.

The wall structure is composed of wood studs, the walls are made of earth and local cane using a construction technique called wattle-and-daub, or Bahareque. The roof structure is composed of Guadua bamboo. The building of the roof structure integrated one workshop on bamboo construction taught by OFICINA and Be Root Studio. In addition, local masters taught the students how to install the cane ceiling. The roof uses artisanal terracotta roof tiles.